Pissed Off Bitch

 Pissed Off Bitch
 What does that even mean?  I suppose it means something different to each individual depending on where you came from.    
 For me?  I am tired.  I am tired of playing nice when it is not deserved.  I am tired of holding my tongue just to get along.  I am tired of listening to constant chatter and noise that is completely meaningless because it goes nowhere.  The chatter, to me, is similar to a million streams all coursing through to the ocean but the ocean is not found.  I am tired of lies and half truths.  I am so tired of people thinking that being mean is the same as being “savage” or “fearless”.    
 My truth is that to be savage, we build each other up regardless of what the world seems to think is correct.  My truth is to be fearless, we speak even when it is unpopular as long as it is our truth.  My truth is that we do not have to do or be as the “world” is and only need to do what we know is right from a place deep within.  This place deep within is not a place of fear, it is a place of great strength.
 We speak when it is necessary.  We defend the weak, the powerless, the less fortunate.  We work on making this world just a little better when we leave than when we came.    
 I believe the world is dirty because we do not clean it up.  I believe we may not have the power to clean up the world but we certainly have the power over our own choices.  I am pissed off that we do not simply do this.  I am pissed off that we do not speak our own truth.  I am pissed off that we allow the loudest to have the most air time and I am pissed off that we do not clean up our own inner selves then continue out as far as we can reach.    
 Love, Shonique Benu